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          Dangiwacha is a small town in the heart of Rafiabad. This town is situated 15 kms from Apple Town Sopore, 17 Kms from Baramulla and 16 Kms from Handwara. The Dangiwacha was called as DANDAKWAN earlier before the independence of Pakistan and India.The people of Dangiwacha are well educated and civilized. The people of Dangiwacha are Sunni muslims belonging to hanafi Masalak. People belonging to Sikh community live in its adjacent areas like Charliegund, Yarbugh, Teegrah, Sikchakh, Deedarpora etc. The majority of people belong to PEER DYNASTY (approx 60%), Wani Dynasty (Business Class Approx.35%) and the remaining belong to other dynasties. The markets are very well developed. You can see the various content about Dangiwacha in the "About Me" section.

                 Dangiwacha has a sports stadium, where people from nearby villages come to play. A local club namely IRSHAD CLUB OF SPORTS AND GAMES, Dangiwacha operates various Cricket and Football tournaments. Generally the youth are addicted towards football.

A lot of Government and private institutions are being operated in Dangiwacha. A famous educational institute namely Government Higher secondary Institute, Dangiwacha is located at the outskirts of Dangiwacha. One of the famous alumni of the Institution is Director Doordarshan Kendra Kashmir Dr. Rafiq Masoodi.

Rafiabad has a unique topography and is divided into two belts, the upper belt and the lower belt. The lower belt is densly populated and fruit business is the main occupation of the people. The upper belt starts from Dangiwacha onwards and is surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks clad with snow throughout the year. The area beyond Zethan and Kangroosa has scenic beauty and the landscape is more beautiful than Gulmarg and Pahalgam.

Kiterdajji is one of the health resorts of the area which has already been shown on thetourist map. Kiterdajji is 16 Kms from Dangiwacha. There were two tourist huts constructed by the tourist department but during turmoil they bith were raised to ashes.

Mund Dajiiمند دجي another tourist resort to the west of Pazalpora and is 17 Kms away from Dangiwacha. It is a plain area of 1000 kanals surrounded by Pine, Kail and Burza trees. Mund Daji is almost 8000 feet above sea level and is enveloped by KAJINAAG mountain peaks clad with snow. QAJI NAAG lies on the top of the beautiful valley wherefrom originates the Hummal and the Gasji streams which are famous for trout. Foreigners are rarely seen in the area to capture the leaping wealth.مصدق Besides this, the HUMMAL حمل stream has the potential of generating electricity if proper attention is given to it by the concerned authorities. Though local tourists especially school going childeren and youth are rushing to Mund deji nad Kiter daji, yet Government must take initative to develop this beautiful area so that forienners can get another destination full of charm and beauty. If the proper attention is paid, then the economy of the concerned area is supposed to get boosted because of the fact that the proper investment of capital will be made in the target market especially the retail market.





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